Three Creative Visualization Facts you Should Know

Creative visualization is a difficult term to define.

There are many names by which it might be known:

Creative visualization is not a distinct field or area of practice common to many fields. Various mental health, life coaching, and personal development models do incorporate creative visualization. However, they may never call it by name. There is nothing illegal or inappropriate about this.

There is, however, research and expert opinion about creative visualization. Here are three you should know.

1. Mental Power is Physical Power

Far from merely exercising the mind, creative directly affects the body. One study proved that creative visualization increases muscle mass in bodybuilders.

2. Creative Visualization Improves Performance

An Australian study proved that using visualization significantly enhances performance, such as improving accuracy. Basketball players who used visualization performed better shooting free-throws.

3. The Brain on Visualization

When you lift your left hand, a certain part of your brain is activated to perform the task. The same part of the brain is activated when you imagine lifting your left hand. Merely visualizing affects the brain in similar ways as physically doing the task.