iNLP Center Review: Why the AHA Solution Works

Why The A-H-A Solution Works: A Review of the Neuro-Linguistic Programming “Depth” Course

Many of us feel something is preventing us from happiness.  Extroverts might turn to the outside world and look for people or interactions to fill the void.  While they live in those happy moments, true peace still alludes them.  Introverts have it equally as bad, if not worse because by their very nature an introvert does not seek experience outside of themselves.

Instead, introverts live for their quiet moments where they can dive into their favorite book or spend happy times with their cats.  But like their extroverted complement, the feel is fleeting.  Fortunately, there is a solution that will help cultivate true happiness and peace for all people; extroverts and introverts alike.

The solution requires us to become aware of our negative psychological attachments that feed on our unhappiness.  Any person seeking self-development and the key to unlocking happiness will agree that understanding one’s self is the first step to gaining this end.  At the iNLP Center, the A-H-A Solution course introduces you three types of emotional attachments, and within each of those attachments, you will find personalities with defining behaviors and emotions.

The A-H-A Solution course is founded on a psychological principle developed by a leading psychiatrist, Edmund Bergler, MD, who was a contemporary and close colleague of Sigmund Freud.  Bergler developed the principle of psychic masochism and introduced to the world the idea that we gravitate towards action that causes us pain.  The idea is that we learn to find pleasure in pain and we may even sugarcoat displeasure to make it easier to swallow.

As ridiculous as this may sound to us, we all know someone who loves to be miserable.  We see them saying and making poor choices, and we just don’t understand why they are doing it.  We think, they must love being miserable.  Yet, we do the same thing.  We may even be completely unaware that we are self-sabotaging.  The A-H-A Solution course seeks to bring awareness to our minds and helps us choose a path that will not feed our negative emotional attachments.

The iNLP Center’s A-H-A Solution course introduces you to each of the personalities with a situation and moves through the solution through videos and worksheets.  Before you dive into the twelve different personality videos, you should study the different attachments provided as course material.  Through studying these attachments, you will discover where you most often fall.  This process can be disheartening as memories of situations come flooding in but rest assured, you must unlock your negative psychological attachment to move forward.

When I took the course, I found it easy to identify myself with several personalities, which seemed dependent upon the situation.  I also found most personalities that affected me belonged to a single attachment group.  Painful memories created so many years ago contributed to my current day emotionally masochist decision-making, a process that always felt so familiar and even masqueraded as pleasure.  But always, the fall-out feeling of making a bad decision or hurting others with my words and actions hit me after choosing the wrong path.

When I took the course, I applied the A-H-A Solution to past situations that had negative outcomes to see what decisions I could have made.  I didn’t do this to unnecessarily dredge up the pain and thus, feed the negativity inside me preventing happiness.  I did this because I am a thinking person.  Over the years I have gone from a sharped-tongued, quick reacting person to a listener; to a person who consciously takes in situations and conversations and thinks before speaking.

Most times, being a thinking woman has saved me from an embarrassing moment, but I still find myself in situations that remind me of former, painful ones.  By re-evaluating my previous mistakes and committing to memory a course of action that would have had a positive outcome I arm myself with a new solution path I can take in the future.

The A-H-A Solution course is not about teaching you to avoid situations that could potentially end in pain.  Instead, the course empowers you to change the outcome by thinking outside of your attachment and acting based on a new path.  With time, commitment, and experience your new path will be as natural and the old one, and its former negative emotional attachments will starve and fade.  You may never be able to extricate these attachments from your subconscious entirely, but you can learn to starve the attachments to utter weakness so they can’t hurt you or others again.

I believe the A-H-A Solution course also has the great power to help people achieve personal enlightenment; to unlock one’s true self.  By understanding the emotional attachments that control and hurt you, you can overcome their power and find inner peace.  The techniques are simple yet completely illuminating; and best of all, they are universally applicable.  You don’t have to be a certain personality to benefit from this course, just be yourself.

I highly recommend the iNLP Center’s A-H-A Solution course if you are ready and committed to changing your decision-making and freeing yourself from the pain that inhibits your happiness.  Through the course, you will embark on self-discovery and learn how to forge a new path to happiness supplied by your mind.