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Initiative vs. Guilt – Erik Erickson Stage Three [Summary]

A Summary of Erik Erickson’s Stage Three: Initiative vs. Guilt Erik Erickson developed the theory of psychosocial development. It consists of eight distinct stages spanning from infancy to adulthood. The successful completion of each of these stages will result in a healthy person and basic virtues. This post focuses on the third stage of Erickson’s… read more »

Three Creative Visualization Facts you Should Know

Creative visualization is a difficult term to define. There are many names by which it might be known: Creative Visualization Guided Imagery Guided Meditation Hypnosis Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Cognitive Behavioral Psychology Mental Imagery Submodalities (NLP) Creative visualization is not a distinct field or area of practice common to many fields. Various mental health, life coaching,… read more »

What is Hypnosis?

If you do not have hypnotherapy training and want to understand what hypnosis is, it is important first to understand the role of the subconscious mind – since it’s the via the subconscious mind that we gain access to through the hypnotic state in order to make the desired changes. The subconscious mind is what makes… read more »

iNLP Center Review: Why the AHA Solution Works

Why The A-H-A Solution Works: A Review of the Neuro-Linguistic Programming “Depth” Course Many of us feel something is preventing us from happiness.  Extroverts might turn to the outside world and look for people or interactions to fill the void.  While they live in those happy moments, true peace still alludes them.  Introverts have it… read more »